[Ground-station] Tomorrow: Cognitive EW Systems: Addressing Mode-Agile Threat Emitters

Michelle Thompson mountain.michelle at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 08:28:58 PST 2023

ORI representatives will attend and then summarize a webinar about
Cognitive Electronic Warfare Systems. We are interested in possibly
identifying potential open source regulatory work opportunities, as well as
keeping up with current AI/ML technology sentiment in this area.

Here's the abstract and presenter bio:

"In this webinar we will review the challenges that mode-agile or WArtime
Reserve Modes (WARM) RADAR and EW threat emitters pose to traditional
static threat library implementations in RADAR and EW systems. We will
outline and assess the architectures of cognitive Artificial Intelligence
(AI) and Machine Learning (ML) systems that can be used to deliver
effective RF countermeasures. We will discuss how techniques can be used to
train AI/ML engines and evaluate the responses and effectiveness of those
countermeasures on representative RF hardware.

This webinar is generously sponsored by the Association of Old Crows -
 Granite State Chapters.

Tim Fountain
Global Market Segment Manager
Rohde & Schwarz

Tim Fountain is the Global Market Segment Manager at Rohde & Schwarz, where
he is responsible for the RADAR & Electronic Warfare segment. Tim has over
30 years of experience with market leaders in the Test & Measurement
industry, focusing on RF and microwave applications in Aerospace & Defense.
He started his professional life as an application engineer and has also
held roles in R&D, corporate management, product planning, product
marketing and business development. Tim holds a Masters Degree in
Electrical and Electronic engineering from University of Hertfordshire in
the UK. He is also certified as a chartered professional engineer in
Europe. In his spare time Tim likes to fly, and is an instrument rated
private pilot."

Thank you to those that support this work and volunteer their time! If you
are interested in our regulatory side of house, please get in touch with
your favorite board member to get involved. There can be a lot of reading
and listening on the "R" side of "R&D", and many hands make light work.

-Michelle Thompson
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