[Ground-station] speaking of Trans-Ionospherics

Michelle Thompson mountain.michelle at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 13:30:51 EDT 2019

Speaking of the Trans-Ionospheric badge project, I was able to deposit just
shy of $3000 into ORI's shiny new bank account yesterday.

This adds to a $500 donation from me, a $200 donation received at GNU Radio
Conference last year from Doug Forster (thank you again!), and $30 to
establish the account.

More significant external fundraising sources are being pursued. We can
apply for grants. I have very limited experience here.

In order to afford prototypes and development stations, and to cover the
operating (cloud) cost of the satellite simulator that Wally Ritchie is
working on, we need to continue to raise money.

I'll keep the fundraising appeals to a minimum. The fastest way to
contribute is to donate directly. ORI is a 501c3 as of 6 March 2019. We'll
celebrate every year with a birthday party!

The second fastest is to bid on a Trans-Ionospheric badge. We still have


Advice, comment, critique welcome and encouraged. While it would have been
great to get support from existing organizations, starting over from
scratch has been a blessing in disguise in many ways.

We will be as transparent as we possibly can be about money and spending.
You all deserve to know what we're doing and how those decisions are made.

-Michelle W5NYV
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