[Ground-station] Prototype BOM questions

Michelle Thompson mountain.michelle at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 13:22:16 EDT 2019

Renewing work this week on the prototype BOM. I think the 8001s without LNA
(8001b) is the right choice, using the recommended reference design (from
Lime) to incorporate external higher performance LNAs.

Scott Cowling is working on a “data engine”, or the digital part of the
board. I’m looking at the LMS8001 companion board for what else we need.

Interested in hearing from Steve Hicks and Wally Ritchie about anything
else we might want or need. 8001 is a translator, meaning we need an RFIC.

(Bluetooth in there somewhere to talk to Trans-Ionospheric badges needs to
not get forgotten.)

-Michelle W5NYV
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