[Ground-station] Donations of LimeSDRs for Open Source Space Communications

Michelle Thompson mountain.michelle at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 18:15:14 EST 2019

Thank you to European Space Agency and MyriadRF for giving Open Research
Institute the opportunity to get LimeSDR Minis into the hands of some very
amazing people doing open source space communications research and

ORI and Phase 4 Ground are very proud to present the following
international recipients. We commit to supporting, enabling, promoting, and
publicizing their work.


Sahana Raghunandan, USA

As part of discussions at the 2018 GNU Radio Conference DVB-S2X Block
Party, one of the functionalities of the demodulator that was identified as
needing additional review and testing was the frame synchronization and
symbol timing recovery loop. The goal of targeting LimeSDR is to modify and
test existing GNNU Radio flowgraphs related to this subsystem of the
demodulator. In order test this functionality independently, it is assumed
that signal captures at the input to the baseband demodulator will be

Sahana Raghunandan is a researcher at Virginia Tech and an independent
consultant focusing on satellite and terrestrial systems engineering
including waveform design & implementation and interference analysis for
spectrum management.  Her experience includes design and FPGA-based
implementation of waveforms for satellite broadband modems and satellite
ground systems architecture with emphasis on modeling and simulation of
cross layer optimization techniques. She has also worked on platforms and
architectures for software and cognitive radio networks. Her research
experience also includes design of modules for radar data acquisition,
system integration of radar depth sounders and application of synthetic
aperture radar techniques for ice sheet tomography.


Jeremy Reeve, New Zealand

Jeremy has been working on VHF and L-band LNA designs. He has been running
qucs simulations to look at optimum noise matching and stability circles
and the like. His goals are to contribute RF hardware and baseband/FPGA
content. He expects to be able to work with his educational institution to
create a project that will result in quality open source publications.


Edson W. R. Pereira, Brazil

Edson is an open source advocate and extremely active in amateur radio. He
implemented a GUI (SDR-Shell) for Bob McGwier's and Frank Brickle's DttSP
SDR, has contributed code for Joe Taylor's WSJT-X, and has been a primary
contributor on many other projects.

He is a lead maintainer for the Phase 4 Ground polyphase filter bank
repository and is heavily involved with Phil Karn KA9Q's development effort
for multicast IP SDR innovations and implementations.


Matias LU9CBL, Argentina

Matias is active in many areas of open source space communications. He is
part of a group working to build a ground station design that supports a
wide variety of satellite missions.

He has a SatNOGS ground station that is making rapid progress through the
development portal. He is working to build and test antennas to add to this

He is active in his club station (LU4AA), which plans to run a station with
an azimuth and elevation rotor from Yaesu, 2 crossed Yagis for VHF, and 2
crossed Yagis for UHF. Multiple fixed station will be added for remote
control, and the station will be added to the SatNOGS network after it is

Matias is active on SatNOGS forums and has a blog at lu9cbl.blogspot.com.

It is critically important to increase the number of stations and people
involved in satellite communications from the southern hemisphere. Matias
is deeply committed to publishing, sharing, and supporting others that are
working in open source space communications.


David Fannin, USA

David Fannin KK6DF works closely with Phase 4 Ground volunteer David Viera
and wrote the code for David Viera's LMX2594 oscillator and CW beacon
project. David Viera demonstrated this system at GNU Radio Conference 2018
to great acclaim.

David Fannin has worked on a number of oscillator and SDR projects, his
github account is https://github.com/dfannin, and he is committed to open
source development in advanced digital communications.


Open Research Institute and Phase 4 Ground are honored to be given the
chance to put advanced software defined radio hardware like the LimeSDR
Mini into the hands of active developers across the world. We are ready to
help make the most of this very generous donation to open source space
communications work.

-Michelle W5NYV
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