[Ground-station] Baseband => decimation - questions

Michelle Thompson mountain.michelle at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 17:39:54 EST 2019

While we are striving to enable all sorts of wonderful designs by putting
prototypes into GNU Radio, a central goal is to design our own hardware.

We've had a lot of progress on the protocol and algorithm front (GSE, LDPC,
some of the polyphase).

Some fundamental decisions about our own hardware need to be made.

When we receive, we expect to have to decimate. This is because we are
receiving at a relatively high frequency (10GHz).

Our bandwidth is (up to) 10MHz. For DVB-S2/X, we fix our sampling rate,
depending on what bandwidth we want to support. We have a lot of freedom

Picking the right frequencies for the receive chain is therefore important.

What are our options?

What options make the best sense?

I'd like to build and test as soon as possible, so let's get some
discussion going.

-Michelle W5NYV
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