[Ground-station] Amateur Radio in Space - presentations coming up at DEFCON, Goddard, ESA, etc.

Michelle Thompson mountain.michelle at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 18:18:56 EDT 2018

I'd like to talk about a part of our message, if our talk is accepted, at
the Open Source Cubesat Workshop at ESA in September, and other events.

There's a notice of proposed rule-making for cubesats that a lot of smart
people are working on.

What I'd like to do is make sure an amateur radio point of view is heard at
these events.

My feeling is that the amateur community is at risk of being viewed as
administrative assistants for the rapidly increasing number of industrial,
academic, educational, and experimental missions.

Because a lot of us will consent to point our antennas at the sky and
record beacons (or, telemetry), and happily report the information back for
what are presented as educational purposes, that we are assumed to be
passive consumers of the communications resources put into orbit.

That we are happy with this particular role.

Many of us are. It's not a bad gig. But it does risk cluttering up our
bands with one-way very low information communications that may not really
align very well with our potential or our justification.

What I'd like to articulate is the role we really want cubesat developers
to incorporate. I want any of us to be able to speak to that, and represent
it, and be supported with quality materials.

That is, we need to promote the development of relevant, cutting edge,
reliable communications resources that amateurs can enjoy and use, that
also contribute to advancing the state of the art.

I would like some help with creation, comment, and critique of this message
and a refinement of the points and examples.

What are the most important talking points? What should we be fighting for?
That's what I want to capture and present.

-Michelle W5NYV
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