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Mike Murphree mike at tropo.org
Sun Jun 17 10:51:00 EDT 2018

Discussions that we had with their representatives indicated that they
could take an existing mask set, and convert directly to a radiation
hardened process.

Mike N4MHO

On Fri, Jun 15, 2018 at 11:07 AM, Michelle Thompson via Ground-Station <
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> Open Research Institute signed an NDA with Vorago to review their test
> data for the radiation hardened ARM they offer. More information here:
> https://www.voragotech.com/products/va10820-radiation-hardened-arm%C2%AE-
> cortex%C2%AE-m0-mcu
> Any design with the Vorago VA10820 will be open source. Data shared under
> NDA will not be part of the design.
> -Michelle W5NYV
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