[Ground-station] NDA - Ettus, GOLF, Phase 4 Space

Michelle Thompson mountain.michelle at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 12:29:52 EDT 2018

The Careful COTS effort for a re-layout of the USRP for GOLF and Phase 4
Space has changed.

Ettus declined to sign an NDA with AMSAT GOLF for the E310. It is assumed
that GOLF will adopt the original plan presented at Symposium 2017. We have
received no communications from GOLF since the minutes from the second
Careful COTS conference call were published.

Phase 4 Space will continue to work with Ettus and other open source teams
to target the E320 as a potential communications package.

The E320 layout will have to be redesigned, if that is what we choose to
adapt. As previously discussed, radiation requirements are not the only
concern. We need to know what we're doing with thermal as well.

A variety of research efforts are active to adapt a USRP for higher orbits,
with good published results from a number of universities. While not a bad
choice at all considering the USRP is widely used, there are other
alternatives for a baseline SDR.

LimeSDR and the Pluto have been frequently brought up, and then there is
also the Rincon AstroSDR.

With IHUs developing, the challenge of producing a solid, open source
communications hardware package needs some serious discussion. Comment and
critique welcomed and encouraged.

Continue with the E320?

-Michelle W5NYV
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