[Ground-station] Microsoft purchases GitHub

Bruce Perens bruce at perens.com
Sun Jun 3 23:20:41 EDT 2018

Microsoft has purchased GitHub. Microsoft is not the evil empire it once
was, and might even see fit to sponsor some of my efforts to fight against
royalty-bearing patents in standards. Which is going to feel very strange
if it really happens. But GitHub is still too many resources of the Open
Source community residing in one place. This was never a good idea.

Re-hosting our stuff to our self-hosted GitLab at
might be a good idea. We can continue to mirror it from GitHub.

Developers run their own projects, so this is mostly up to Michelle for the
digital communications work. Any Open Source project that has something to
do with satellites or ham radio and is Open Source is welcome to use our
GitLab. Things hosted there will end up on our physical distributions
(blu-ray discs, etc.) when we make and archive them.



Bruce Perens K6BP - CEO, Legal Engineering
Standards committee chair, license review committee member, co-founder,
Open Source Initiative
President, Open Research Institute; Board Member, Fashion Freedom
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