[Ground-station] Draft letter to ARRL, AMSAT, IARU Region 2

Bruce Perens bruce at perens.com
Mon Jul 23 21:56:43 EDT 2018

This draft letter responds to issues I found in ARRL and AMSAT's filings in
the small-satellite proceeding. I refrained from directly opposing their
comments, instead supporting them where appropriate, and where not I simply
brought up the issues without posing them as an opposition to ARRL and
AMSAT. But I'd like both organizations to understand the issues better
before they write their next comment. I also discussed this with Joe Spier
over the weekend at NVCON.

Please read this draft and tell me what you think. It's at



Bruce Perens K6BP - CEO, Legal Engineering
Standards committee chair, license review committee member, co-founder,
Open Source Initiative
President, Open Research Institute; Board Member, Fashion Freedom
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