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Thank you for sharing this.

The backstory for 3D printing controlled objects, the engineering odyssey,
the legal assumptions, and the culture war issues with the maker scene can
be read about (for anyone interested) in the book Come and Take It by Cody
Wilson. Cody founded Defense Distributed.

As an avid 3d printer and heavily invested in communications that often
intersect with ITAR controlled areas, I've been following this case with

The reinforcement of ORI's interpretation of the current legal landscape
would seem to be a very positive development.

I get a lot of questions from people that have a lot of fear about
volunteering with us, or have been told they can't volunteer with us, or
shouldn't volunteer with us, or that our open source demonstrations are
somehow illegal. Fighting back against the parts that are total nonsense
takes a lot of time and energy. It's worth it, but it comes at a cost. That
cost is progress and participation in other much more enjoyable areas.

Anything that helps enable volunteers to have fun, learn cutting edge
technology, and contribute in meaningful ways is what I'm here to establish
and maintain.

Are there any other legal proceedings in this particular ecosystem
(ITAR/open source) in progress, that affect us, that you know of?

-Michelle W5NYV

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> The Defense Distributed case, in which the government attempted to assert
> ITAR upon a distributor of models for making firearms in a 3D printer, has
> settled. The government seems to have lost pretty thoroughly. http://
> joshblackman.com/blog/2018/07/10/doj-second-amendment-
> foundation-reach-settlement-in-defense-distributed-lawsuit/
> ORI position is:
> 1. We do not take a position on second amendment issues, it's out-of-scope
> for our organization.
> 2. The ITAR part of the case seems to be aligned with our previous
> interpretation of the issues of ITAR and Open Source, and our previously
> developed strategy. The case will probably work as a favorable precedent.
>     Thanks
>     Bruce
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