[Ground-station] Defense Distributed case

Bruce Perens bruce at perens.com
Tue Jul 10 17:53:14 EDT 2018

The Defense Distributed case, in which the government attempted to assert
ITAR upon a distributor of models for making firearms in a 3D printer, has
settled. The government seems to have lost pretty thoroughly.

ORI position is:
1. We do not take a position on second amendment issues, it's out-of-scope
for our organization.
2. The ITAR part of the case seems to be aligned with our previous
interpretation of the issues of ITAR and Open Source, and our previously
developed strategy. The case will probably work as a favorable precedent.



Bruce Perens K6BP - CEO, Legal Engineering
Standards committee chair, license review committee member, co-founder,
Open Source Initiative
President, Open Research Institute; Board Member, Fashion Freedom
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