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NOAA requires a license for terrestrial imaging. Title 51 of the US code at
and Presidential Decision Directive NSC-23 at
both include restrictions upon imaging.

They are concerned by things like high-resolution maps of Israel, which
presumably would be used to bomb them.

I haven't read over the laws yet, but we'd have to understand them as part
of any remote imaging mission. Whether or not a star finder could be
restricted is dependent on both technical details and the law, yet to be



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> I recently had a discussion with a couple of satellite builders (one of
> which was on the 50dollarsat project) and I asked what were the chances of
> building a 1 or 2u
> cubesat that had a small telescope with camera on it.
> One of the things that was brought up about that was that there is a fcc
> or DoD
> rule that prohibited cameras pointing away from the earth. I was told that
> it was out
> of concern that the U.S. didn't want anyone taking pictures of some super
> secret
> satellite either by accident or on purpose.
> I haven't had the time to look it up and hadn't even thought of this until
> I read this thread.
> Is this true or not?
> James W8ISS
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