[Ground-station] star tracker ?

James French jcfrench at hawkmail.hfcc.edu
Sat Jul 7 18:10:25 EDT 2018

I recently had a discussion with a couple of satellite builders (one of
which was on the 50dollarsat project) and I asked what were the chances of
building a 1 or 2u
cubesat that had a small telescope with camera on it.

One of the things that was brought up about that was that there is a fcc or
rule that prohibited cameras pointing away from the earth. I was told that
it was out
of concern that the U.S. didn't want anyone taking pictures of some super
satellite either by accident or on purpose.

I haven't had the time to look it up and hadn't even thought of this until
I read this thread.

Is this true or not?

James W8ISS
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