[Ground-station] LDPC Update!

Michelle Thompson mountain.michelle at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 21:40:07 EST 2018

Low Density Parity Check forward error correction is one of the most
challenging areas of our radio project. It's required for DVB-S2/X,
therefore our receiver must be able to decode it and the payload must be
able to encode it. A wide variety of code rates (the ratio of bits input to
the encoder over the number of bits output from the encoder) are specified
in the standard. Our goal is to support them all! Think of it like Pokemon,
but for math.

The version of LDPC for GNU Radio is progressing very nicely with a variety
of refinements and speedups tested over the past few weeks. The core code
is located at https://github.com/xdsopl/LDPC and the GNU Radio module is
located at https://github.com/drmpeg/gr-dvbs2rx

Speed improvements through more efficient memory layout has been the focus
of the most recent work, along with moving the decoder constructor. SIMD
parallel processing is progressing, and the tradeoffs with respect to
expensive initialization routines are being considered. Some results are

Give the module a try! There are some test flow graphs in the GNU Radio
module's apps directory (At Dr. MPEG's repo).

-Michelle W5NYV
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