[Ground-station] Generous Hardware Donation - LimeSDR Mini Kits!

Michelle Thompson mountain.michelle at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 21:03:48 EST 2018

Thanks to the enormous generosity of MyriadRF, Phase 4 Ground has some
hardware help!

Five LimeSDR Mini Kits have been given to Phase 4 Ground for open source
satellite communications development work.

We want to get these into as many hardworking hands as possible! Write me
today with your need and let's get you up and running.

I recently set up a LimeSDR Mini with GNU Radio with one of our list
members and it went very well. This is a wonderful SDR. The LimeSuite GUI
allows prototyping with what feels like every register setting on the
controller. Performance is very good.

For a talk about LimeSDR (and the extended frequency range chip) from
Microwave Update 2018 from Mike Seguin N1JEZ, please see

LDPC-BCH decode on the FPGA is a current area of great interest for us.
LDPC-BCH is the forward error correction for DVB-S2/X. But, we are also
interested in doing more with Polar codes. There is at least one open
source satellite payload project that has specified Polar forward error
correcting codes. There is very little open source work here, it's cutting
edge, and Polar codes are specified for use in 5G communications. Polar
codes are the first family of error-correcting codes that achieve the
Shannon capacity for a wide range of communication channels with efficient
encoding and decoding.

The FPGA on the LimeSDR mini is the Intel MAX 10 (10M16SAU169C8G 169-UBGA).
How far can we take it?

What else needs doing? How about a SatNOGS station with the LimeSDR mini? A
proof of concept of Phase 4 Ground authentication and authorization scheme?
Handling the Generic Stream Encapsulation streams properly from the
downlink for amateur communications? Plenty to do! Dive in and we will help

Contact Michelle W5NYV w5nyv at arrl.net to sign on and get kitted up.

More soon!
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